Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update for Korea...Building the wagon

Just wanted to congratulate my funny cousin. She bought her son a new wagon and attempted for the first time on her own to assemble it.

To be fair, she is used to building Ikea furniture where they only have pictures, so she took a few looks at the picture for the wagon, thought 'how hard can it be?" and began her work.

She had the seat belts installed and the handle to pull the wagon on and then started to install the wheels. Here's where she hit a bump in the road.
She put one of the wheel spokes through the hole in the corner and began to hammer it in to place. "This is a tough one" she thought and thinking of her son's safety when riding the wagon she began to hammer harder to make sure it was good and on.

She thought it was strange that it wasn't going on as easily as the other parts and stood back to take a look and see if something was off. Oh poor Michelle. She had installed the end that the wheel attaches to on the top side instead of the bottom side of the wagon, she had it on the wrong side. It was good and jammed in there and she began to panic. She yanked, pulled and pushed, she used pliers to tug on it and even a pair of scissors to grab onto the locking washer and pull it off. When the washer bent she finally stopped. It was over, battle lost.

She looked across the wagon to her 22 month old son and sighed "Sorry honey, mommy just can't do it" How cute is this, Sai (Isaiah) leaned over the wagon gave her a hug and patted her on the back to comfort his sad mommy, such a sweetheart.

Now she was more determined then ever to get the darn thing done so her son could ride in the wagon to the park. Seeing as we live across the street from her, she grabbed the phone and called my husband to help with his muscles.

We walked across the street and entered the house. The box, half built wagon and all it's parts were lying all over the family room floor. Her kitchen table, turned work bench, was covered in every tool she owned. It was the sweetest image I ever saw.

She began to tell her courageous story and how she came to need our help. She grabbed onto the spoke and demonstrated how she had yanked on it with all her might. Wouldn't you know it, Michelle went flying backwards across the room, spoke in hand. She had finally done it, wore the darn thing out and came out on top. She didn't need my husbands help anymore. We helped her finish the wagon and decided to celebrate her victory we would take Sai to the park in his new wagon.

Congratulations Mich, wait till you have to assemble furniture for your new house! We'll all be there to pat you on the back and cheer you on.

Here are a few photos I took of the two of them at the park.

Sai loves it when you build a "mountain" and let him run over it.

Building the mountain

Climbing the mountain

Crushed the mountain!

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