Friday, August 29, 2008

Bells and treats from the ice cream truck

Wednesday evening I got home to find my cousin and her son on their driveway playing with chalk. Although she is selling her house and moving 10 minutes away, she currently live across the street from me.

We sat on the drivway enjoying the sun when the sweet melody of the ice cream truck began to fill the air. I have been trying to get an ice cream cone from the ice cream man for a few months now and I always seem to miss him or not have cash when he comes by.

I urged her to help me get his attention, and the two of us began jumping up and down yelling for him to turn towards us. Isaiah, her soon to be two son, began jumping with us yelling for the truck too. Even though he has never had ice cream from the truck I guess looking up at the two of us bouncing around like crazy people must have inspired him to join in.

We sat on the fronch steps enjoying the sweet rewards of our actions. Lucky for me I had my camera with me. Isaiah and ice cream are a sweet treat for everyone. He has an interesting way of eating ice cream. Instead of licking the ice cream off the cone, he sticks out his tounge and makes a dragging motion from top of his tounge to bottom with the cone. "Sometimes" he drags a little to far and ends up on his chin and shirt. Oh well, have fun, you're only little once!

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