Friday, August 22, 2008

Birthday wishes

So my 28th birthday is coming up soon and I am only asking for one thing. The new Blackberry Bold. I did originally want the iPhone, but when we loooked into how much the monthly bills would cost I changed my mind. I really need a new phone that has the feature of email and reminders in your calendar. I am getting really forgetful and hope to set up reminders for everything. I would really also like to merge my address book with my phone and email books too. I'm not much of an emailer, so it won't be that expensive. The Bold is also compatible with iTunes, which is what all of our MP3's at home are in. The GPS is a bonus, but a handy little treat. I am also due for a hardware upgrade and usually don't change my phone that often. I think it's time to enter the world of smart phones....*closing eyes and jumping in*

I know there is another special birthday I need to blog about. It's the second reason for me being away from my blog for so long. I am just waiting on some photos from my cousin and all will be revealed....

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