Friday, August 22, 2008

Light fixtures, Paint and Crown Molding....oh my!

The past few weeks our living/dining room has gone through some transformations. We decided to paint it finally. The color we selected is Benjamin Moore's Night Train.

To finish it off we bought molding and my dad helped us install it all 2 weekends ago. Here's a funny tip. I'm not a fan of traditional crown molding for my own home. I'm just not that traditional. Traditional crown molding touches the ceiling on the top and the bottom touches the wall, making a 45 degree angle. Home Depot sells crown molding for $2.09 per linear foot with a thickness of 4 3/4". They also sell a really nice 6 3/8" baseboard for $1.04 per linear foot. Turned upside down you would never know it was baseboard and it looks fantastic! The tip is, when you can't find exactly what you want, let your creative mind guide you.

Pay no attention to the ugly chairs in the picture above. We are still in the process of furnishing our living/dining room. The table and chairs are hand-me-downs from my parents from the 80's (*note the mint green fabric) They serve their purpose and for now will have to do.

What's that shinny new light above the table you ask? My wonderful husband bargained with the store and was able to get the floor model reduced from what was already a sale price. The crystals are attached on either end of the wire and wrap around the chrome bar once. My husband (not an electrician) installed a dimmer switch to the light so we can adjust the mood of the meal. So proud of you hunny!


Benjamin Moore lover said...

Benjamin Moore Paint Night Train -

I love that color, thats hot! maybe have make it 50% lighter for an accent wall?

chriskauf said...

I love the colour it looks gorgeous , and that light is so and hip, I have a request though can you take a close up of the moulding , it looks just like a white stripe of paint in the photo , I would love to see the detail, I have always thought the baseboard upside down is so much easier than crown, which is tricky, please please show me.

Amanda said...

I LOVE that light fixture!! Your dining room is gorgeous! :)