Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Basement update

I thoughy I would show some before pictures of the disaster zone in my basement. The first picture is the north side of the basement. Everything from Halloween and Christmas decorations to CD's and DVD's not to mention all the tools and odds and ends everywhere. Oh there is also a chest freezer in the center of it all. We bought the freezer last boxing day to help save money by buying meat and frozen items from Costco in bulk and portioning it all up in the freezer, yeah it's still in the box. Great savings there.

The second picture is the south side of the basement that contains all of our household items. There is also home improvment supplies, suitcases, the bird feeder I never got to paint and yes there is a jogging stroller in the right corner (inherited from Kenrick's brother when we moved, even though we have no kids).

Soon to come are the pictures of the storage pantry and the work we got done this weekend.

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