Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mission - Basement storage

Last winter my dad joined forces with my husband to build a lovely walk in storage space in our basement. There is a small area right when you come down the stairs that has a lower ceiling because our laundry room that is above it is sunk 2 feet to make the stairs to the garage less than 3. I will follow up with pictures.

I wanted to enclose the space for storage of extra kitchen items like canned goods, serving platters, paper supplies, utensils, cleaning supplies, board games, camping gear, winter coats, seasonal get the idea.

So they framed it and drywalled the entire thing over the course of 2 weekends. Unfortunately my gran (dad's mom) got very ill and the project was put on hold. This weekend we thought it would be a great time to finish it. We actually have nothing planned and it's a long weekend. Canadian Thanksgiving! Well we have dinner at his mom's house but that's Sunday afternoon. We will also have Monday to work on the room too.

All that needs to be done is:
sand and prime the drywall
install shelves
lay carpet (hand me down from Kenrick's brother)
stock the shelves

We also have a chest freezer and coat rack that will be put to use.

The shelves are still a question. My dad had originally planned to build the shelves out of MDF. 2 weeks ago I installed some of those wire shelves in my cousins place and thought they could work to. So what do you think, painted MDF or wire shelving?

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Maricriss said...

I'd go with the painted MDF if you haven't made a choice already. Good luck with it all.