Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HomeSens I chose you!

You will remember me talking about going to the Style at Home show two weeks ago. While there Lynn Spence gave a great presentation about home decorating and using HomeSense to fufill all your design needs. I love HomeSense, strolling up and down the aisles never know what treasures you will find.

Piece of advice, you must a lot enough time to stroll, hmm and haa over purchases and be able to see the potential in sometimes not the nicest items. Always grab a cart, never think "oh I won't need it" or "I can come back and get one if I need it". You will need it and won't want to walk away from your treasure to get the cart you should have grabbed.

Taking your tired and hungry husband doesn't always make for a plesant afternoon. Make sure he is well rested and fed before you leave the house. Also if he agrees to go with you, don't shoot down every item he points out. Some men like to be part of the nesting process so listen to them. After all they live there too.

Below are a few items that I have purchased from HomeSense and absolutely love!

Down filled feather pillow. The copper looking stripes match the walls and the blue matches the throw on the other side of the room ($30).

The blue throw on one of our 2 Debbie Travis recliners. It softens the leather and is a cozy addition to cuddling with Milo ($30).

Silver glitter tree ($20), mercury glass tree ($30), 12 pack of metallic pine cones (3.99 each box)

Bronze bird on marble stand..... $6! I know, it's an odd item to purchase, but will look fantastic on the shelves that will be going up in the kitchen on the accent wall.

Oh I almost forgot, Three 36" white shelves for the kitchen ($19.99) each. Last night we saw the same ones at Linen N Things for $40. Plus the ones from HomeSense are a bit banged up and scratched which adds to their charm.


Chris Kauffman said...

Great advice. I have missed so much, you have been busy posting , good for oyu on your race , I couldn't do it . I love that velvet chair where did you get it , so cozy. Love all of your finds. Your house looks great and readt for Halloween , I just finished spooking my interior , one of my daughters if having some kids over on Friday , so it looks that part now .
Oh are those black shutters I see in the back ground ?

SweDaisy said...

I got the velvet chair at Bassett furniture. The sofa is the same fabric but chocolate brown. The best part about the arm chair is that the back and seat are down filled. You just sink when you sit in it.

The shutters are also chocolate brown. It's my favorite dark finish. I'm not a fan of black. I find dark brown a bit warmer. The shutters are from Home Depot. We moved into our home in November and the shutters were our Christmas gift to each other. Since the sliding door in in the kitchen eating area I didn't want fabric that could get dirty.

Natalie Bahadur said...

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Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I was just browsing the net looking for some white shelves & I saw those ones there just what I was looking for, but im from the UK so does anyone know where or how i can get those shelves?