Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Magazine clean sweap

Ever had a huge pile of magazines that you just love but can't bear to part with....
I have piles of design magazines that I can't bear to get ride of because they all have a few pages in them that I really like. I like the look of something for my home, or there is a design tip that I find handy. However in the past 5 years I have not once opened up a old magazine to even see why I am keeping it. So I have decided to start my own "Home Journal".

Step One:
Rip out pages (yes rip them out) and write what you like about the page. You can write directly onto the page or post-it note. (Don't worry about them falling off, that's to come)

Step Two:
Get a binder and insert dividers. Lable them according to categories that you would like to file them under i.e. Living room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom.

Step Three:
Purchase some sleeve protectors that have binder ring holes in them. Sort pages and Vola, a home journal that you can add to and if you feel like shopping take along to help you purchase items you need to complete the look in your home.

Helpful tips:
Get a few business card inserts and keep your paint chips in them. This page isn't done yet but on the opposite side make a note of the finish and paint you used, as well as the room name. You could also put chips of accent colors that you would like to see in the room.


Keep a copy of your house plan in the binder. Take measurements and record them on the plan. That way you'll never have to pass up that really cute sideboard at HomeSense for a great price cause you don't know if it will fit the room.


*Sorry these two photo's are sideways, blogger just won't let me upload them the way they are saved. Grrrr.

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Maricriss said...

I love this. I have tons of magazines with only like 3 pages in each I want to keep. Sometimes I tear them out but then I didn't know what to do with them. THanks so much for this suggestion.