Monday, October 27, 2008

Orange, Black and Cozy

I did some decorating this weekend, finaly. I know, I know Halloween is this week. A little late. Well at least it's done now. The wearwolf on the left took the longest time. The ghost is from last year and is on a wooden stake. The skeleton was tide to the railing with fishing wire to look like he is standing, but now only his hand is tied because 10 mins after I finished decorating the sky opened up rained all over my parade. I will have to fix him before Friday. The urn next to the wearwolf is going to be where the jack-o-lantern sits. Away from the stairs, last year I was so scared that one of my little trick-or-treaters was going to step on the jack-o-lantern and catch fire.
Some spray paint, a wreath, a feather boa and a door hanger who's eyes light up. Stay tuned to see what I make with these....
After a cold and windy day outside I came indoors to find fresh bowl of french onion soup that Kenrick was working on for dinner. So yummy.

Then I curled up in my chair and got cozy with Milo. This picture was taken an hour after he came and sat with me. He was so sleepy and cuddly. I just love sitting in my chair like this. He purrs and sometimes will adjust his position to put his arm around my neck.

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