Monday, October 20, 2008

Make your own

My cute husband is very excited to be able to make our own baby food. The satisfaction of knowing what exactly you are putting into your baby is very comforting. My mom used to do the same thing for me and I think I turned out fine. If you are a new mommy or know one, you might want to send them this {link}.

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chriskauf said...

Did you enjoy the show?
I made baby food for my first daughter , it was wonderful , froze lots of ice cube trays full of food, never could stand the jarred sludge, well that was until I offered mt second baby the same selection , she hated it ,that is one good lesson each child is different, I loved making baby food , I should say at least I did use organic jarred foods for Sophie.
Are you expecting ? did I miss something .
Oh and how was Madonna ?