Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lovely things

I was on All Things G&D today and was drawn to a link for West Elm. I started to browse around and was gobstopped by these chairs. I love circles. They are my favorite design element, next to stripes. I have 2 lovely arm chairs at home right now in the living room that have a similar back and sides to these chairs. How light and airy but still packs a powerful design punch.

Next is an items that is very similar to this {post}. I don't know what it is about metallic branches that have caught my attention lately. Maybe it's the wimsical feeling they give. Like a fairy tale. Just imagine walking through a path with metallic trees on either side, lightly dusted with snow. Speaking of snow, today it is snowing here. Well there are flurries in the air. Nothing staying on the ground, but fall is definately here.

What's this you ask? Well remember the watermelon coat I was going to buy. The cute short one that had the lovely tie in the back and a great punch of color for the winter. Well I couldn't buy it. I just couldn't bring myself to spend $350 on a coat. As beautiful as it was, this is Canada and a long coat is just more practicle. Standing waiting for the train is nicer when your buns are covered. So I bought this one instead. It's a beautiful Kenneth Cole wool coat, it has pockets and a nice belt that ties. Instead I bought myself 2 pashminas today. 2 for $15, now that's a deal. One is black gold and teal, and the other is black gold and purple. There's my color for the season. Maybe I will grab 2 new sets of gloves to match the pashmina's.


G+D said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! So happy to inspire a little visit to WE.com. I love that store. Those circle chairs are so cute! And congrats on the new coat purchase--it's beautiful!

lealou said...

Hey Lisa! I just got your comment on my blog -- I get all my fabrics online from places like www.sewmamasew.com and annamariahorner.com. The problem now is the dollar! It's so crappy so it's more for us to buy from the states...

I also wanted to let you know if you didn't already that West Elm just opened a physical store in Toronto! It's in Liberty Village... I haven't been there yet myself but it would be a good reason to come into the city! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the twig candle holder...im sure we could make that somehow
thanks for the usage of your coat, ill call you this week to drop it off or i could just leave it in the garage if you arent home
xoxo laura