Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blog Snooping

What is "blog snooping" you ask? Every so often I choose a blog friend at random and click on all of the links and icons on their page. I explore the pages they send us to and discover such amazing things. Sometimes I even click on the blogs they follow and blog snoop on those pages too. It's like 6 degrees of seperation, well sort of.....

These beautiful branches are made of iron and are actually wall hooks. How cute "wood" they be in an entry way with lovely scarfs hanging off of them. I wonder if they would be strong enough to hold a coat?

The next two lovelies are items that I would use in a nursery or playroom.

First are alphabet cards that come in a full 26 letter set and are 8x10. Now imaging them framed and equally hung on the walls like a boarder, or maybe get a little creative and tile them above the crib or change station. Check out the entire site for great decor ideas or gifts.

Next is a beautiful piece of art created by Jillian Phillips. She creates unique pages that have a hint of vintage to them. They remind me of my favorite cartoon growing up. Well actually it was stop-motion filmography. The show was called Jeremy and was about a little bear in the woods who wore a blue tie and always seemed to get into trouble. I thought growing up it would be a great job to move the little puppets and take their pictures, unfortunately most shows do not use this form of film anymore because it is time consuming and time = money.

Last is a t-shirt for all you Project Runway fans. If you watched last season you will definately remember how often Christian (the winner) used the word "Fierce" to decribe anything and everything around him. I loved his pushy and bubbly personality. I'm glad he won, so talented and so young. I need to get this shirt.

Sorry about the crazy layout here. I still can't get the pictures and text to line up.....grrrr to blogger.

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Liz said...

That t-shirt is too fun!