Monday, November 17, 2008

Creative bubble making

This weekend Husband and I began creating my new art room. It will become my new creative bubble. I hope to fill it with inspiration and return to the creative me I once was. For those who knew me then, don't worry there will be no return of lime green walls or pink hair. I just need a finished space that inspired me to be creative. A space where I want to spend time and enjoy being in it.
A couple of weeks ago I began my online search for inspiration. Here are some images that grabbed my attention. All of the images are from Decor Pad, one of my new favorite sites for decorating inspiration.

I love the bookcases and the memo board. What a great way to keep inspirational pieces together. I would rather face this wall then have my back to it. Although I don't know what the other wall was like.

I love the above desk storage in this one. When there isn't much desk space, under cabinet lighting is a good thing. What a great use of a small space. I also think the chair is very femanine and looks comfy, not to mention the pattern of the fabric. I just love pattern.

Can't you just hear the birds chirpping in the garden through the open patio door? This looks like such a bright and cheery place to work from. The lines are cool and crisp. I would love the fun storage boxes and baskets on the bookcase. The show stopper here for me is the light that pours in from the multiple skylights. This must be an addition to a house where the entire roof is windows. I can't imagine it being very warm in the winter. I guess this space is reserved for those who live in an area that never sees snow.

Where to start? The lamp, the retro chair, the green trunk and table, so beautiful. I love how the walls and floor are neutral and the furniture is what brings the color to this space. It must also act as a guest room becuse off to the left you can see the beautiful and oh so coveted, West Elm day bed in white.
This must be what the inside of the Tiffany & Co. office looks like. how amazing would it be to work here everyday? My luck, if I worked somewhere like this I would resemble more of Betty Suarez at MODE then Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. However I think I'm leaning towards this color for my walls. I love how the black and white pop against the blue.

Now here is a space I could definately see myself in. I know it's not an office or art space, but I couldn't resist. I love velvet chairs so of course I fell in love with the peacock sofa, not to mention the velvet stripes on the arm chair to the right. The table is definately Ikea, which is where I will be venturing for most of the furniture. I love the pattern on the rug and the walls. I also love the little pops of celery here and there. Which gives me an idea for my drapery. Stay tuned for that one.

Okay so everything but the rug. I love the gold wallpaper, love the romantic shape of the desk legs, love the oversized lamp. I think a glass top is very practicle in an art space. You never have to worry about ruining the finish of the desk, and in the case of Ikea furniture you don't have to worry about effect of liquid or conedsation from a glass on the delicate finish.

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Freckles Chick said...

I love all of your inspiration pics in one way or another (we have very similar taste!) but I esp love the Tiffany blue room. You described it perfectly--it's what I'd imagine the office inside a Tiffany's box to be! I could definitely see creativity flowing in that space.