Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make it work ~

So to string you along a bit further rather than show you the room I have put together a quick little page to show you what I have to work with. Actually the room isn't done yet, that's the real reason I haven't blogged about it yet.

Any hoo, I'll start with the existing stuff.

The desk on the left, Hubby and I bought a long time ago when I was still living at home. We invested in a computer and needed a desk for it. Off to Ikea we went for inexpensive simple desks. The desk is actually a bit large so instead of a computer desk it is now a work area for my scrapbooking (which I haven't touched in months) and sewing (which I need to start again in order to be ready for Christmas). It's a bit difficult to constantly have to clear one thing in order to do another. So we got me the little white desk on the right also from Ikea. This will be my new sewing station and poor little sewing machine won't have to live on an old box anymore.
Next is the bookcase, yes also from Ikea. Actually everything is from Ikea so I will stop saying that. We bought this last spring with the intention that it would one day end up in my art room. For now it has been in the upstairs "media centre" (that's what the floor plan calls it) with all of our books and magazines. I hope to re cover the magazine files and some of the boxes to brighten it up. I also think I will take some stuff off of it and leave room for some creative vignettes.

Next is the armoire. My mom and dad bought this item for me when I was a teenager. When we moved they told me I could take it with me. Since then it has changed functions a few times. First it was in the old art room where I kept books and supplies. Then when we got the above bookcase and better storage bins so it went into the spare room. We call this room Milo's room because for the first 6 months of his life that's where the litter and food went, not to mention when we weren't home Milo was confined to this space. Now that he is a "new" kitty he is free to roam the house. Why the tangent? Well I decided to keep it in the room but paint it white to match the new items I bought. Funny thing one side of the armoire is totally scratched from Milo practically running up the side of it to sit on top, when we weren't home of course. So Hubby and I pulled out the spray paint and gave it one coat. Unfortunately the scratches are worse than I thought so I will have to fill them before the second coat. I also plan on lining the shelves, drawers and insides with a patterned paper. I'm thinking either wall paper or wrapping paper. I hope to blog about this piece on its own when it's complete.

Now on to the new pieces.

Well I've already told you about the white desk; simply put the blue chair will be my bottoms new favorite spot.

The last piece is the Alex drawers. This piece really excites me. Why you ask? Well right now all of my scrapbooking supplies are scattered. Paper in bins below my desk, a white Rubbermaid drawer system holds the tools and embellishments, and the rest of stuff is stacked on top one another in the closet. Every time I sit down to scrap, the entire room looks like it blew up. So hopefully with everything in one place and in easy to access drawers cleaning up won't take longer than the actual time spent on scrapbooking. Not to mention my lovely Cricut cutter will sit on top and have enough space to operate; another item that gets dragged in and out to use.

So there you have it. The old and new worlds will soon collide and hopefully it will be a harmonious union.


Liz said...

Love this post title! Too funny. Cant wait to see how it looks,I'm sure you'll make it fabulous!

Freckles Chick said...

Hurry up!! =) Can't wait to see you work your magic on this space!