Thursday, November 20, 2008

The first snow flake

Finally snow! Yes I have been waiting for the snow and cold for a while. Most people are glad to have the mild weather. Putting off snow tires till now. Enjoying the days where you can still leave the house without a jacket, but not me.
See for me I don't see snow in the middle of November and it means something is wrong. Yes something is terribly wrong. This is Mother Earth's way of saying Ouch. We have polluted her lakes, rivers and oceans. We have made an unfixable hole in her Ozone. We are the cause of global warming and have begun to melt her ice caps. Animals are losing their homes, people in some situations are having trouble breathing. You question the condition of the lake you once swam in because of the filth lying on top of it. So no I am not happy to have a mild winter, no I'm not glad to leave the house without a coat. For me the snow means that there is still hope for her, she's still fighting to stay alive and well.
Evidence of her struggle
My knight in shining winter jacket, cleaning my car this morning for me, Swoon.

On a lighter note ~ I did it again! I came home last night and made homemade mac & cheese. See Hunny, I'm domestic. Yes I told him that again ~smile
He just laughed at me. When I gave him some of mine to taste, I smiled and said
"See I can cook, I don't need a recipe"
*note the cookbook on the counter that I followed

Just out of the oven

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Freckles Chick said...

We've barely had snow in our area and it's freaking Colorado! It bugs me when peeps say, "Oh, I love how mild it's been." HEL-LO!! This is global warming at work here, people! This is NOT good. Ice caps are melting rapidly, eco systems are out of whack, not good at all. OK, vent over.

I do love those delish ramekins of mac & cheese. Yum!