Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Surface envy

Chris over at Just Beachy blogged about a new work surface she is going to be making. If you haven't seen the island she made with the help of her husband you need to go here. Chris is so awsome she was recently featured on Steven and Chris' house proud.

Seeing her post reminded me of a worksurface I saw that I fell in love with. I know I don't have the space in my current and new art bubble for it so I will save the how to until later when I move my entire craft room into our finished basement. No the basement isn't finished yet, we just celebrated 2 years in our home this past Monday. Eventually when we finish the basement Hubby will get 2/3 of it for a bar, bathroom and game area. I will get the smaller side with the furnace and the laundry tub. I still dream about the space. Painted floors, floor to ceiling cupboards and a work surface that you can stand or sit at to be creative. For now I will just drool over Kari's over at Spring Chick ~ beautiful project. One of the best parts is that she used Ikea cabinets, and we all know how much I love Ikea :)

And if that wasn't enough, she also made a desk out of 2 kitchen cabinets and a counter top. What a great idea to use a bar stool as a chair.


Chris said...

Thanks for finding that , isn't that incredible .
That would cost way too much though at least $800.00 for the bases I bet, maybe I will go check "as is" though ???? yes I will do that .
Thanks for helping me find another blog to love.

Liz said...

AGHGHG... I love this.