Friday, December 12, 2008

Bamboo on top of the tree and crawling skirts

The topper is finally up. I grabbed some garden bamboo and duct tapped it to the tree. For those of you that are asking what is garden bamboo, its a name I made up. I had some leftover bamboo that you use in the garden to tie leaning plants too for support. It comes about 1/2" thick. It worked perfect.

So far, so good. Milo doesn't seem to like the tree. When I took him over to "teach" him that kittens don't play with trees, he practically climbed over my shoulder and down the back of my shirt. He wanted no part of it. That was Monday, he does however have an addiction to string and ties and loves the ties on the tree skirt. I didn't take a picture, but this morning the tree skirt had "Crawled halfway across the living room floor all on it's own, swear mom" That was the line Milo tried to sell me. Maybe next year I will make a felt skirt that uses Velcro to stay closed.

*On a side note, so far option {F} is unanimously the favorite for the pillow. I'm not sure if you can tell, but it's atually pink with white stripes. It was my first choice. The other fabris are pieces that I intend to use on the back. What going on the back? Let's just say I'm taking inspiration from Anna Maria Horner ---------------->

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Alisa said...

That’s great..! That Christmas tree is super cute.