Friday, December 12, 2008

Decor - Mature Warmth or Pinky toe Fun?

The kitchen and family room space in our home is the hub from which all other design in our home take inspiration from.

Espresso cabinets, tan walls, cinnamon and cream glass tiles. Very warm and inviting. The color scheme flows into the eating area and family room, with espresso patio shutters, and copper penny walls. I love this space, it feels like a warm hug.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my home,but there's a little bit of me, deep down in pit of my pinky toe that wishes my whole house looked like AnnaMaria's kitchen.

Gasp! the wall paper, the use of dark colors to accent a room. The painted furniture, not to mention the chandeliers above the island. I love the old farmhouse sink that has been updated with stainless steel. Even the artwork on the walls make me smile.

The backsplash tile is so yummy. Perfect for a kitchen. I love the continuation of color into the adjoining dinning room.

Don't worry K, I'm not about to repaint our entire house including the furniture, but maybe these pictures will come back when I move my art room to the basement.

Yes, yes, I know I still haven't posted the art room pictures. I haven't been home this week when it was still light out. It wouldn't be fair to the room to take it's picture in the night with flash. You wouldn't get the right vibe - what's that? BS? Oh Well. Take a look at some of AnnaMaria's studio images to get your mind off my procrastinating ways.

How sweet are these little piles of fabric. She really adds character and flare to the storage baskets that she covered in fabric and embellished. How cute a little cake stand for the pin cushion.

What a neat idea. She uses old bricks wrapped in fabric for book ends. She also talks about using bricks like these to hold a piece of wood that acts like a shelf for all of her notions.

I love the colour of this bench. Especially since it is accented by the lime bins below. The bench is a similar colour to my art room. Hmmm what could I embellish with lime to make it pop? Maybe a cover for my sewing machine?


Liz said...

There was more eye candy in this post than I knew what to do with! I agree. Anna Maria's kitchen is fantastic. But I think your home is equally lovely!

G+D said...

LOL! I know exactly how you feel. I love my home--very simple and serene. But sometimes I see something so fun or funky, or colorful and I can't help but think I'd love my house to look like that, too! I've reconciled my ecclectic desires by deciding that's what guest rooms (and nurseries) are for, lol!

Wanderluster said...

Your home is lovely! Very cozy and welcoming. But what I wouldn't give for a craft room that colourful :)

Karli @ RockyBella said...

I LOOVE her house, everything about it is wonderful. Did you know that, that is not wallpaper in her kitchen? She did that by hand! I'm not sure if it was a stamp or stencil...? Crazy huh?