Monday, December 8, 2008

Chopping, Baking and Decorating

Saturday morning we went with friends to Prestonvale's Farm to "harvest" our Christmas tree. If you get a real tree, or are thinking of it, I highly suggest getting one from a farm. It's a great tradition and really puts you in the holiday mood. They give you a saw and show you a map of where each species is. Then it's all up to you.

Here's Kenrick among all the Fraser Firs trying to find the perfect one. I usually leave the initial search up to him. The tree needs to be a certain height, must be really full and lush and just has to 'look' right. So once he finds a tree he likes I will give it the once over. This year took the search was a bit long. The trees all seemed short.
Here I am with my pick. It's 'just little'. I could put the star on without using a ladder. K thought I was funny and kept looking. I thought it was great. One strand of lights, one box of decorations and a star. Plus under this tree it would look like we had tons of presents. He he he.

We, actually K, finally found the one that was just right. Here he is about to start chopping it down. The other good thing about going to a farm is that there is no waste. Not like at the grocery and hardware stores. The trees that get left behind will continue to grow, hoping someone will pick them next year.

K's mom and dad were over helping me bake bread. They helped us put the tree up. It's so much faster with more hands.

Finally, the space we reserved for her is filled. We wanted to decorate her right away, but you need to wait at least a day to let the branches fall into place.

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Freckles Chick said...

Awww, such a cute tree. I now wish we went real instead of faux.
That's such a great smoky blue wall color. What's the name?