Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday cheer

K bought me pretty flowers last week that came in a mercury glass vase. Last night I pulled all the wilted flowers and left the greenery. I grabbed a few white Christmas decorations and jazzed it up.

This weekend is operation "Christmas". That means we are baking, cutting and trimming the tree, and decorating the house. I can't wait to see what it will look like to have the Christmas tree in the living room this year. The space below has been vacuumed and we moved the chairs to prepare the space to hold the tree.
(yikes! I just noticed our new drapes are not lined and you can see the window through them. This will have to be fixed. Oh, one more thing, the snow - it's gone. It washed away the next day with rain and all we've gotten is rain or wet snow that doesn't last. Grrrr, it doesn't feel like Christmas all all.)

I just need to find an old, yes vintage, tree topper. I've seen them at HomeSense so maybe I'll stop there on Sunday
(found on Flicker)

Supplies ready for bread, cookies, biscotti, truffles and snowballs - Oh my!


LJK said...

Good luck with all of your decorating and baking! You're brave to do it all in one weekend!

Maricriss said...

I hope your decorating went well I started mine today but have yet to finish. I love those antique tree toppers I've been looking at getting a new tree topper as well.