Wednesday, December 3, 2008

West Elm - Part two

This past weekend K and I spent Friday night and most of Saturday at my cousin's house downtown, Queen St West. We had a cafe breakfast, followed by the best chocolate eclair I have ever tasted. We did a little antique shopping and then headed over to the new West Elm store that just happens to be across the street from them - gasp! I told K if we lived there I think we would be broke, between West Elm and all the little one of a kind shops, I was in heaven. We did make a few small purchases, you know I just had to.

We are planning to paint horizontal stripes in K's bathroom, inspired by the project we saw G&D do here. He needed a new shower curtain for it. So when he saw the blue and brown curtain, on sale too, he had to have it. I love the graphic design of 3 large stripes so I was sold on it too.

Then K saw these hand towels that he thought would match our main floor powder room. It's painted a deep blue and the mirror and mat are chocolate brown, not to mention they were so soft. It took a little over 30 mins for 3 sales clerks to search the entire stock room and store for the last 3 (two of which we were holding in our hands, but they were the display models). K as always turned to the clerk and said "so what kind of discount can we get since they are the floor models?" to which the clerk replied "well we could order more for you, but if you are willing to take these ones right now, then we can give you 10% off" Just goes to show, as K always says "it doesn't hurt to ask". Today I saw on the US website that the towels are in the sale section and the $20 was already a sale price, even better!

The next purchase was one for me. I love colored glass especially mercury glass [like the glass used to make old Christmas ornaments]. Lately I have been finding little bird sculptures everywhere and have had to buy them. Remember this post? West Elm carries these little mercury glass, copper colored birds. Just the thing to add to the shelves in the kitchen to keep the color scheme and still and bling to the feature wall.

What, you missed the post about the shelves and the feature wall? What about the art room reveal? Oh, well you missed them because I never posted them. See I have this habit of starting things and then getting tired and leaving them alone for weeks before I realize I really should get them done. So to update, the shelves have been painted white and moved from the garage floor to the living room floor. The items and pictures that we bought to be displayed have made their way from the dining room table to the floor of the storage pantry in the basement. They are still in the bags we brought them home in.

The art room, well the walls and armoire are painted, the furniture is assembled and in their respective places. The drape is hung and that's about it. Half the books made their way to the bookshelf, and I also hung some pretty tissue paper pom-poms that were decorations from my wedding shower from the ceiling. I hope to be able to finish both of these projects this weekend and then blog about them next week.

I was planning on lining the inside of the armoire with blue and white wallpaper or wrapping paper to beautify the inside. After reading G&D's post about re purposed armoires, the wheels in my head have begun to spine. I have to hold myself back, one project at a time.

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phoenix said...

Those mercury glass birds are a fave of mine as well. I haven't yet bought anything from West Elm although I've been sorely tempted! :) I'm still bummed their day beds aren't available in Canada - my study would have been a guest room instead if they were!