Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is it wrong to love Twilight?

In 2005 when Twilight was released I refused to read it.

I love to read, in fact I read most books so quickly I often forget parts or need to read them a second time. K says it would be better for me to visit the library instead of buying every book I read, but I need them. I enjoy reading and owning the book. I feel a sense of accomplishment when someone looks at my collection and can't believe I've read all of them. So refusing to read a teenage love story between an awkward girl and the perfect vampire seemed strange to me. Who wouldn't want to read a love story? I have read all the Harry Potters and the entire collection of Narnia. I loved the Golden Compass, and so many other fantasy tales. My favorite movie of all time is Labyrinth. So why not? How could I refuse a book that so many gushed about?

I have to admit, I judged the book by it's cover and was not interested. I didn't even read any reviews or blogs about it. I just said no and moved on. I read A Million Little Pieces, My Best Friend Leonard, Love In The Time Of Cholera, Measure of a Man, Pillars Of The Earth, Eat Pray Love, The Memory Keepers Daughter, My Sister's Keeper, and God's Behaving Badly. Then I was stuck, searching for a new book. I looked to Oprah's picks first cause I usually like her picks, but A New Earth did not interest me. I got desperate and starting reading covers and reviews of almost every new book out there on my break, and then I gave up. I jumped into the world of blogging and filled my days at work reading blogs.

It wasn't until this past spring, 3 years after it's release, was I finally able to read Twilight. I was finally convinced with Sugar Shop's post. She boasts of entertainment and an easy read. She also spoke of the shame and guilt you would feel when others found you reading a teen book. I could relate to the same feelings I had when people heard I was reading Harry or Narnia so I caved. I told my best friend about wanting to read the books and a few short days later she surprised me with book 1 and 2 for my birthday. I was so excited. She truly is the bestest friend a girl could ask for. You can tell her anything at any time and she will always remember it. That same weekend K and I where going on a road trip to do some retail therapy in Grove City. K was fine with me kicking up my feet and reading for most of the drive. I still made sure to make conversation and check on him once in a while, but for the most part I was completely lost in Forks. To my surprise, but none of yours who have read it already, I loved it! I couldn't put it down.

I related to the feelings Bella experienced moving to a new place, a new school and knowing no one. I had to do the same thing 3 times before I was 8. So understanding the feelings she had towards the town and all the kids at school was understandable. The feeling of being plain and unnoticeable was something that I often felt, and still struggle with. When she finally saw Edward and was almost immediately infatuated with him I also could relate. Heck any girl or woman past the age of 12 knows what the feeling of attraction to the opposite sex is like.

Edward is the perfect man. All he wants to do is live for Bella. They say women mature quicker than men, it only took Edward 100 years to learn how to treat a lady. The passion and gentleness of his every action was appreciated by every female that read the book and found themselves loving the idea of Edward too. We all wonder when and how we will find the love of our life. Many spend every waking moment obsessing over love. For Edward to find his true love 100 later and not even be searching for her enforces the idea of being patient and it will find you. Edward had given up. He thought he he would never find a mate the way that Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle and Esme all did. He was never attracted to other female vampires and only thirsted for the blood of humans. He too was feeling hopeless.

By Sunday evening on our way home, I was close to the end and finished the last few pages on the train into work on Monday. New Moon went even faster. I had packed it in my bag so as soon as I closed Twilight I opened New Moon. By Wednesday night I was done it too. 5 days, that's all it took for me. I couldn't put them down. I walked to work with my nose in the book. Up the elevator and through 3 doors to my desk. Then on to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I was on a mission to find them in soft cover. I was so sad to finally learn that they were never released in soft cover. Why not? I still don't know. I said I would wait, but I couldn't. I began talking with friends and drawing them into the Cullen world. When I learnt that one of my friends had all 4 books I asked to borrow the last two. I finished Breaking Dawn 2 days before Twilight, the movie released. I have returned them now and am asking Santa for them even thought they would be in hard cover. I would like to read them all again, I can't stop the craving.

I actually saw the movie for the second time last night. It's not the best acting and yes there are parts missing. However that was expected. No movie has ever been as good or better than the book. The scenes leading to the love story seemed to take forever and when they finally got there it felt like it was fast forwarded to the ballet studio and James. No actor has ever been able to convey the emotion of a character better than the author who created them. That's another reason why everyone loves Edward. Of course he says and acts exactly how we all want him too, he was created by a woman. A mother of three who was just as captivated by the story as all of her readers have been. Bella and Edward were literally dreamt up by Stephenie and captivated her life just as the books have done for all of their readers. If you get the chance, read her story behind Twilight here. Just one more tidbit, in the movie Bella drops an apple in the cafeteria and Edward is there to grab it and offer it to her the same way the cover shows. Stephenie says the apple symbolizes forbidden fruit. Oh and no I haven't mis spelt her name, Stephenie is named after her father (Stephen + ie)

I'm reading Stephenie's other book The Host. Unfortunately for me it's taking much longer to get through, visions of the Cullens, Forks and Bella keep jumping into my head.

Oh and what might you ask do I listen to at work and in the car, Twilight's soundtrack - Yup. It's so good!


Chris said...

I have to make a trip down there , my husband works right there , I should tell him that would be a great spot for my Christmas gift , hint, hint.

Freckles Chick said...

If it's wrong to love Twilight, I soooo don't want to be right!

I completely agree with what you wrote in this post. Seriously. I've been using Edward Cullen as a standard for all things dreamy. HA!!

Manda! said...

Twilight is the best.
its pretty much all i think about!
if someone says something, it somehow, relates back to twilight... :)
i havent read eclipse or breaking dawn yet because verytime i go into a shop where they sell it, they are ALWAYS sold out. but i do what you do aswell, often readit too quick, & then read it a second time just incase i miss anything. & its just as exciting even though i know what happens... i read twilight twice within 5pm on new years eve - 10pm new years day =P & when my step dad came home with new moon, i litterly screamed and did not stop reading until i'd finished it. i started it at around 2pm-ish, and finished it around 1 in the morning... =D
but im only 14 =]
my friends think my obbsession is just plain sad. but im like, you cant say that until you;ve read it, now theres only 1 person in our group at school who refuses to read it or see the movie!!