Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Day on my clans side

My side of the family is a bit large. It is made up of my dad and his 4 sisters families. Now that we are all a bit older, so many of my 10 cousins have kids of their own. In total I think there are 32 of us. We all get together on Christmas day for dinner and "Santa" visits and brings us all gifts. It's a tradition that my grandmother started when we were little and we carry it on for our generation of kids. At a certain age you discover our secret of how we get Santa to visit and you are required to keep it and play along for the enjoyment of the younger folk. Not to mention the older folk take the opportunity to have a good laugh with the gifts that Santa gives them.
Just before we make "the call" to Santa, I grabbed my mom and sister and got a picture of the three of us. And to answer the age old quest, Jen and I are not twins. We get this question almost every time we go out in public. There are 3.5 years between us. The best part of telling people this is that they then proceed to guess who is older, and 9 times out they guess she's the older one. Great for my ego :)

Anyway, Jen Laura [my cousin] and I all go up stairs to make "the call" to Santa. The conversation usually take a bit of time. Once we are all done, everyone downstairs gets the kids to keep an eye out for Santa from the back window. The next thing we all here is the doorbell and the kids go running to the front door to see Santa come in.

Here's Santa waving hello to everyone.

This is a cute picture of K getting his gift.
This year I helped Santa by reading the names on the gifts for him.

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