Saturday, January 10, 2009

K's Family open house

A few days before Christmas K's mom has an "Open House". She makes her wonderful bread, ham and Christmas cookies. Not to mention the baklava, my favorite. There's wine and cheese, but no dinner. She prepares everything invites 40-60 people and they all come and go at anytime. She usually invites friends and family and it's fun for all.
My sister-in-law brought a new game. Well actually more than one. The game below is called "Speed Stacks". This is pretty cool. My niece and nephews gym teacher has a bunch of them and when kids can't participate due to injury or illness he brings out the Speed Stacks and let them play while the rest of the class goes on. There's a cool mat and timer that come with the game. The point is to stack and unstack the cups like a cheerleaders pyramid.

Kenirck and our oldest niece Alexa. She was the lucky recipient of the pillow I was making. Below are two quick snaps of the front and back.

So here is the front side of the pillow. The lovely Amy Butler fabric was just perfect. Along with some scraps of my own. The Jonas brothers image was printed at home using a sheet that you can put in the printer, print and then peel off the back. It's pretty cool. The sheet is actually soft cotton. Once you peel off the back all you are left with is the image on the cotton. Not like the iron on sheets that leave the image area hard, and over time crack. I added a few embellishments and did a loose stitch around the border.

The back actually took more time. I saw the inspiration for it here over at Anna Maria's flickr site. Sometimes when I am looking for inspiration I go to Flickr and search for ideas. The flowers are all hand made and are embellished with beads and thread. It took a while to do, but it was worth it. She called me right after she opened it. She actually screamed out loud when she saw what it was. Nice!

Finally I thought I would end this post with an image of me playing RockBand. That game is so addictive. I'm actually pretty good at it. At least I like to think so. Maybe next time I will try something other than the Easy mode :)

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