Friday, January 23, 2009

Fashion Guru's send your help my way.

I've been evaluating my style latey, rather my lack of style. One of the girls here calls me her personal fashionista cause I always give her my advice. Some days she even says I walked off the set of Sex and the City.

As flattering as that is, I don't think I'm that fashionable. I actually have a confession. My sister is my stylist. No she doesn't dress me every morning. She is the only one I go shopping with. I call her up and say "hey I got some cash wanna help me shop?" She takes me to stores, tosses stuff of the rack my way and shoves me into a dressing room. Then she proceeds to edit.

"you look square"

"you look short"

"that's not a flattering colour on you"

Once in a while she will say
"oh, that's nice"

Then I look at the price tag and determine wether or not the dollar amount matches the way I feel in the piece.

Don't get me wrong, I can shop for myself, but sometimes I get myself into trouble. I buy something that is beautiful, but not something I would wear again. This leaves me with a closet full of mis match clothing. Oh bother.

So sometimes I search online for fashion tips. I came across this site that gave me a style horiscope. The higlighted parts made me laugh

VIRGO Your style can be quite the paradox, Virgo. While you love the earthy simplicity of whites, creams and undyed fibers, you’re no Plain Jane. Ruled by inquisitive Mercury, Virgo is a traveler who craves the influence of faraway lands. Flowy African dashikis, Indian saris and embroidered Mexican dresses could all find their way into your closet. Pairing these exotic prints with leggings, blazers, or oversized cardigans can bring a chic balance. Be sure to belt anything that’s baggy though. Your sign rules the waistline and it’s all about showing off those feminine curves. Quality-made and handcrafted items like custom jewelry are Virgo treasures. The price has gotta be right though, as you’re quite the cost-conscious shopper. A bit germ-o-phobic, you’re more apt to hit the sale rack than the secondhand store. Organizing clothing swaps with (clean) friends could be a great way to keep your wardrobe refreshed. Eveningwear was made for your elegant sign, especially floor-skimming gowns in satin and velvet.

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