Friday, January 23, 2009

Being Helpful

I've been reading blogging tips to having a better blog. One suggestion is to post about other bloggers and have links to them. So with that in mind and some findings from yesterday, I have posted about 4 fabulous blogs that I read.

Just Beachy – Cris is a talented mother of two who has a real flare for home decor. Not only that, she’s a real handy lady. Take a look at her site and see the post she has about dusting the felt pads of your furniture.

What I Wore – Jessica shows us designer fashion on a budget. She thrifts and shops at that we could find ourselves in. Take a look at this helpful tip for storing your boots standing up.

Casa Reveal – Kristin and her husband blog about the renovations they are doing in there home. In one post she talks about how she got ages of old paint off of hardware from her dining room windows. You will have to scroll down to here Thursday April 17 post to see what she did with some water, a stove, baking soda and some steel wool.

This Young House – Sherry and John welcome us into their home and show us how one old house and two young people can come together to make beautiful decor music. Here’s a link to their page where they have all kinds of great tips and how to’s.

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