Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There's a bug in my ear

The bland images with today's blog are from my own laundry room. Please don't judge me on the itmes you see. Really, the grocery bins and laundry on the machine. The mail, lunch bag, and shelves don't belong here, but sometimes the laundry room is where we "hide" things from the rest of the house.
The inspiration for today's blog comes from two things. First A&J are finishing their basement. They are trying to get it done before baby comes. Aram and I talk a lot about design and design ides. So when he came to me and asked questions about the basement I was excited. Except it has be thinking about my own uninspiring space.
Second, mom and dad are coming over on Saturday and I have asked him to bring his saw to help us build some shelves in the laundry room closet. It was supposed to be a coat closet, but K and I never use it for that. Instead it houses our cleaning supplies and grocery bins, however as you kind of can see on the bottom right, it doesn't do a good job.
So since I've been talking laundry rooms with Aram, since dad will be coming over to do the shelves and since I'm on a organizing kick, I thought why look at some images online and maybe spruce it up a bit.

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