Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homely things

With the new year upon us, I have been moving furniture and cleaning out closets and cupboards. The above sidetable used to be in the kitchen. We noticed that when the phone rang and we were in the family room it was a bit of a jog to grab the phone before it stopped ringing. Not to mention this table has become the station for keys and cell phones, so we thought to move it to a central part of the house. This accent wall is directly across from the stairs and is in the main hall. So moving it made sense. Now if I could only make up my mind about hanging the accent shelves where it used to be, K would be so happy. I can't decide if I want it in the kitchen or as a focal point in the living / dinng room.

One of the new items I got for Christmas was a lable maker. I have been dying for one of these for a while. I grabbed some great glass jars with screw tops at the Real Canadian Superstore and organized the baking cupboard. I had all sorts of half bags from Bulk Barn with baking supplies. I was tired of tasting the "fruit sugar" to see if it was actually "rice flour" not a pleasent mistake.

The baking cupboard moved to above the microwave. I don't use them often so having them out of the way, and not using "prime real estate" in other cupboards is working great. If I could only get dad to finish the tiles on the backsplash, and add an outlet behind the microwave so that the ugly white coard is no longer staring at you when you use the toaster oven, this little space would be complete.

Since the baking supplies were down, and we noticed the jumbo muffin pan, K asked for blueberry muffins. Thank you Martha for the recipe. They turned out fantastic. As I took the picture, I turned to K and said - "Yummy muffins, it's a good thing". Boy did he ever laugh. At least I didn't tell him I was domestic. He would have probably rolled on the floor.

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Katie said...

Nicely done!

Labels are a girls best friend, aren't they?! Right after diamonds, pearls, real estate and cold hard cash :)

What else has to be done on your tile backsplash? The pic is small and I can't see anything unfinished...