Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Do List

I sat down a few days ago and made a list of all the things that still need to be done in the house. Hopefully in the next few months we can work hard to get them all done.

1. Hang the blinds up in both bathrooms
2. Remove the door from the laundry room closet and install shelves
3. Finish the small cuts for the kitchen backsplash
4. Get dad's help to install a plug behind the microwave
5. Organize the coat closet
6. Move all the shoe racks to the basement and store out of season shoes
7. Install a conter top and drying bar in the laundry room
8. Paint laundry room
9. Print, frame, & hang pictures up [we've been here two years and our walls are bare]
10. Line the back of the living room drapes
11. make roman shade for dining room window [I'm sick of the paper blinds]
12. decide where to hang the white shelves and hang them
13. pot on main floor
14. sort through old clothes and donate
15. get two dressers for nightstands in masterbedroom
16. install closet organizers in master bedroom
17. paint master and main bathrooms
18. finish trim and door for basement pantry
19. find a desk for the computer in the upstairs hall

I have a few of my own personal things to do as well:

1. finish my home resource binder
2. finish the scrapbooks of me, K and the past few years together
3. finish covering the magazine folders on the bookcase
4. finish the inside of the art rooms armoire
5. organize the art rooms closet
6. have friends and family over for dinner more often
7. organize a girls night in with my friends
8. organize a 2nd annual cousins game night at our house
9. have our neighbours Mike and Andrea over for dinner

As you can see there are a lot of items on my list that I have to "finish" I have a tendency to start things, get busy, and then those things get left un done. I think my own personal resolution this year will be to take better care of myself and finish things when I start them.

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