Monday, February 2, 2009

At last the art room

The art room is painted and my new furniture is in. I tried to take a few pictures this weekend to show you what I've done. Unfortunately the room isn't in it's best shape. The floors are littered with gift wrap from Christmas, extra coats that need to be moved and magazines that need to be sorted for my Home Resource binder. Not to mention I haven't even sat in the room to do anything creative since Christmas and the dust is starting to collect. Hopefully once the laundry room is done I will be able to take a little time out to tidy it up and use it.
You can see some of the clutter on my new sewing table to the right of the picture. The stack is so high you can only see the top of my sewing machine. The drawer unit from Ikea and Rubbermaid plastic drawers have started a great little scrapbooking corner. Don't worry the vase with branches are not in their proper place. The branches are from our wedding. I really love them, I just don't know where to use them. Any tips?

Oh here's something worth talking about. My first painted piece of furniture. This armoire used to be in my bedroom when I lived at my parents house. When we moved it with us to our new house I didn't know where to put it so I left it in my old storage room and used it for storage of supplies. After seeing a few pieces painted and reused I thought I would give it a try. The finish isn't the best, but it was my first time so I will forgive myself. The drawers are great storage for my sewing fabric and notions. behind the doors are 3 shelves with general office supplies like paper, envelopes and labels sorted into magazine files. I would have taken a picture to show, but the inside isn't done yet. I didn't paint it white. I'm planning on using wallpaper on the shelves and painting the inside blue. Again a task left for another day. Oh the pile of boxes on top, those are Christmas cards that need to be put away with the gift wrap and bows that are on the floor. I know, I'm a disaster.

The other corner of the room is where the work desk is. As you can see there isn't much room to do much. I've got pictures and cards that need to be sorted and parts of my personal scrapbook that need to be put on pages. The tissue paper pom poms hanging above are decorations that my sister made for my bridal shower. You can find instructions on the Martha Stewart website where she got the idea from. I loved them so much I thought they would be cute above the open space. Eventually there will be shelves put up here to store some of the items on the desk, but for now this makes me smile. Over to the left you can see my poor sewing machine peaking out from behind the stacks on the table. I also hope to sew a pretty cover for it to protect it when it's not in use. A simple roman blind from Ikea was dressed up with some ribbon from bouquets K has bought me over the years. I know I keep everything! The hooks for the blind were a bit of an eye sore so I decided to add some color and tie little bows around them. I hope to use this shade of green with the blue and white around the room to select a fabric for the sewing machine cover.

So there you have it. My poor art room that still needs so much of my attention. It's a work in progress. The next sewing project has to be for my nephews birthday in March. I'm making him a magicians cape. With the return to the room, hopefully I can do a few more things in it and take better photos.