Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog finds

If my Laundry room was only big enough this is definitely what I would have done. Take a look at a new blog I found today Show+Tell. Some girls have all the luck. A beautiful room, lots of folding space and even a cute craft space and computer desk where she can be lost for hours and still be productive.

This image reminds me of this post about how I solved a light switch dilemma in my own home. I'm really liking how they injected some interest with oval frames and some large mats.
(or darn, I can't remember where I grabbed this photo from)
~* UPDATE*~ the above image is from Elements of Style

Hoping once the chandelier K bought me for the laundry room makes it look as good as this hallway. Check out more images from this home over at two ellie. I love the bench seating in the kitchen. I can just envision kids sitting around doing home work and crafts. Oh the recessed panelling and sparkle, how lovely. Hopefully we can complete the laundry room this weekend. The living room and rest of the main floor is starting to look like a tornado hit.

Stumbled upon this sweet little image and esty shop for lettergirl

How cute are these stamps. The look of handwritten, without the pain. Oh how I wish I had known about these when we had to send out our 300 thank you cards from our wedding and the shower. Or even at Christmas time. Yeah I know I can print labels on the computer, but I've always loved the look of handwritten.


paula said...

thanks for the shout out! wouldn't it be amazing to have a laundry room like that, wow.

Paula Prass said...

Hey, it must be Paula day! Thanks so much for the post. I love my laundry/studio as much as everyone else seems to. The before was so makes the after all that much better.

You are adorably adorable. I read how you think you don't have "style". Just a hint: Pick a look you really like..say JCrew or Anthropologie, etc. and study the catalog. It's like interior design, study what you like and why you like it.

Freckles Chick said...
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Freckles Chick said...

Love these finds! The wall of frames is from Elements of Style. She's got tons of ideas.

And girl please, you have more style in your pinkie finger
than I have in my whole body!