Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comparing Apples to Apples

In light of the market conditions, and in the effort to save money K and I tried grocery shopping this week at No Frills in stead of our normal Superstore. I have always said I would never sacrifice the quality of the food I bought, but wanted to see if there was really a difference. The produce wasn't as big and the selection wasn't as great, even in among the PC brand itself. I had heard rumors that shopping at Superstore was much more expensive and I wanted to see for myself. So Tuesday I made a grocery list of all the items we normally buy [in excel which will now be our new method of making a grocery list] I put the price that we normally pay in one column. I was careful to write down the brand, size and even flavour, as sometimes these details can make a difference. While shopping at No Frills, I recorded the price of items.

Yesterday I entered the prices for the items at No Frills and I did a comparison. Well what do you know. Superstore worked out to be $2.50 cheaper! Not to mention you can also get clothing, housewares, or electronics there. They have a dry cleaners, a photo lab and a pharmacy. If you go to the gym there is a GoodLife there and the Superstore is closer to our house. So it looks like we will be sticking with the Superstore, it really is super...cheesy I know.

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Chris said...

Wow that is sort of shocking , but I am not a fan of no frills, I like frills ,we tried to shop there when we moved back here and I wasn't working and I found that the produce was oftern lower grade {often rotten} and the expiry dates seemed a great deal shorter than the other full grocery stores .
One thing , do not try no name frozen pizza, EVER it is never worth it , Horrible in fact.