Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vehicle Violation

Yesterday my poor car was the victim of theft. In fact my car was one of 10 cars broken into in the same GO Train parking lot. The secondary lot is a bit secluded and sometime between the hours of 8:00 am and 7:00 pm theives came and took our airbags. Every car was hit the same way. Driver side rear mini window smashed, some sort of rod used to flick the power door unlock.

Then the bolt on the steering wheel was undone and the driver side air bag popped out.

Over to the passenger side, break the glove box cover off. Access the bolts under the air bag and remove.

They took nothing else. I had the spare key to my in-laws house, the ownership to my car, my toll transponder, and the garage door openers to my house, they left all of it.
When I got to my car and realized what had happend I scream out loud. I realized I had forgotten my cell phone and a nice lady let me use her's to call K. At first I was shaking and couldn't think who I needed to call. Deborah (the nice lady) calmed me down and helped me figure out I needed to call my husband. She even let me sit in her car and wait where it was warm until K got there. She was an angel and I could not stop thanking her.

The officer I spoke with said that all ten cars were newer japanese made cars. They were all broken into the same way. Only the air bags were taken. These guys were professionals. All I can hope is that they are caught. If not the Lord will deal with them when their time comes.
I felt so violated. That someone could break into my belonging, take what they wanted and leave. I was helpless and unable to stop them. I guess the only thing I can be grateful for was that no one was hurt. These guys came when there was no one around.

Ironically yesterday K and I decided to re join the gym and he would drop me off and pick me up. If only we had started it on Monday. Oh Well.

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Chris said...

That is shocking , air bags , there is a criminal for everything .
You have to wonder how no one noticed that , are there cameras?