Friday, February 13, 2009

Feelin' Smart

Last night while watching Survivor, K asked me if I would like a cookie. I said yes, and he grumbled a bit as he got up and got us both cookies. See that last few times he has asked me that I have replied "with milk". I have always accompanied cookies with milk. Dad has worked for Mr. Christie all my life and I have always enjoyed milk with my cookies and dunked them in the milk.

A few nights ago K asked me why I like to dunk. I told him it was the right balance of soft and crunchy. The outside is soft while the inside is a bit crunchy. He laughed and ate his own cookie without milk. So last night I was surprised when he sat next to me with his own glass of milk. He said he had to try what I have been raving about. He dunked and tasted. Failure, it was still crunchy. Okay second time, dunk, hold for a few seconds, still nothing. He turned to me and asked,

"Hey, how come this isn't working? How long do I have to soak!"

I replied with a very scientific and professional response.

"You have to dunk and take it out and let the air bubbles regroup. You see when you dunk, the air pockets fill up with milk. If you don't allow the pockets to suck up the milk and empty, the milk won't penetrate the cookie."

He giggled,

"Wow, you must know this from all your professional experience as a cookie makers daughter"

To which I replied"Exactly!"

So still laughing at me he proceeded to dunk and regroup. A few times. Then he tasted.He turned to me and said

"Wow, it worked!"

I knew it would, I'm so smart!

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Chris said...

You are smart .
Mr Christie is what people would call me all my life I hated it so much , but when people ask me how to spell it I say like the cookies , hah!

The painting kitchen thing is now a teeny maybe , I was trying to convince her it was IN or the thing to do with ordinary wood cabinets , I wanted her to see just how amazing a transformation it can have.
Thanks for you input, I am hoping to make quite a mark on it on Tuesday .