Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home Show vs. Style at Home Show

This past weekend my sister, our men and our parents went to the Home Show. I have to say I was underimpressed. There were a few interesting items but for the most part there were renovation companies like the one below that sells spray foam insulation. Dad really liked the show because he is forever renovating, rather thinking up renovations, and wants to use this product in our basement and maybe his new garage too.

I did think this little wall sconce was neat. Maybe in a powder room on either side of the mirror?

This idea I loved! The walls were wallpapered and to tie the drapery in they built a valance out of MDF and used the same wallpaper too. A little bit of trim and some brown paint (great way to tie in an accent color in a room) and that's it, a custom looking valance.

As nice as it was to go to the show with my family, I don't think I will be going to the National Home Show again. I've been to the Toronto Interior Design show and the Style at Home Show and have to say, my favorite was the Style at Home Show. The National Home Show has more for the renovator. Looking to do a bathroom or kitchen? Need a new HVAC system? The NHS is your venue. If your more into cutting edge design at a very high price tag, go to the Interior Design Show. The price tags are equivilent to a car, but for up to date or future trends its a great show. If you are in the Interior Design business it's also a great place for inspiration and getting the name of your company out. However if you are a design savy individual who enjoys decorting and DIY's the Style at Home Show is for you. Even the magazine is better. They use suppliers that are open to the general public and don't break the bank. Stay tuned for updates for this years show, October 23-25, 2009 at the Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place.

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Chris said...

We went once and wouldn't go again either , I am with you Style at Home .