Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Laundry room...

I realized that the images from yesterday didn't include the one's facing the stairs into the house. There is more panelling on either side of the stairs. We bought 3 black wall hooks to hang coats and purses for this wall, they will go up this weekend too. Below there is a mat to catch wet boots.

Here is the door into the garage and the fancy saw skills we used to accomidate the alarm system and the stairs.

Detail on top of the door and the light being cast from the chandelier

Close up of the molding above the door.

Thank you for your lovely comments. I couldn't wait to hear your feedback. I was nervious about doing this project on our own. I really wanted to blog about a space from begining to end. I think that's also one of the thoughts that pushed us to get it done, knowing that my friends in blog world were waiting on the finished product.


Katie said...

well you did a fabulous job! Everything looks great!

I did find myself wanting more specifics though...like how did you know what kinda mdf/trim to use for the paneling?

Anonymous said...

looks great lisey!
im in love with the panels
can't wait to see it in person :)
xoxo laura