Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Screaming on the inside, smiling on the outside.

(K shouting back at a dragon in Thailand)

To the guy who doesn't give his seat to the pregnant lady on the train, you need to scream and smile.

To the person who you hold the door for when going into the train station or mall and they don't say thank you, you need to scream and smile.

To the parent who ignores their child's constant calling and doesn't discipline their children, you need to scream and smile.

To the neighbour who parks their car on the street infront of your driveway making it almost impossible to reverse out of your driveway, you need to scream and smile.

To the guy in the church parking lot honking at the elderly driver infront of them, you need to scream and smile.

To the boss or co worker that always seems to need your help 5 mins before you are supposed to leave, you need to scream and smile.

And to the deli worker handing out free coffee, you need to scream and smile. Why, you ask. Well here's the story.

Picture it, a somewhat busy deli in the Financial district of downtown Toronto. Two "brown-skinned" girls [yes this matters for the story] sitting enjoying the sandwiches and drinks they just bought. Three tables around us just happen to be filled with corporate "non brown-skinned" women. The deli worker asks the table to our left,
"would you care for a complimentary coffee?"
"yes thank you, the lady replies"
He asks how she takes her coffee and goes off to make it. He returns, looks at our table and then asks the table to the right of us the same thing. They reply yes and he gets their coffee. He goes to the table directly behind us and offers them complimentary coffee and returns with a smile and their coffee. He doesn't look at our table again, infact he doesn't even make eye contact. Instead he turns and walks to the other side of the deli and starts offering the other "professionals" complimentary coffee. WTF? Sorry for my lanuage here ladies and gentlemen, but are we not in the 21st century? Does this stuff still really happen?

So as I was saying,
To the deli worker handing out free coffee, you need to scream and smile.


Chris said...

You know that is so hard to stomach , it angers me so much , from where I stand I see it , I am so sorry , it is shameful and shocking , to even imagine a white person to think they are better than or different than any other person is so outrageous , I am so glad I was not raised to be hateful and to discriminate one type of person from another ,the opposite is how we am raising my daughters , we are all the same , no one better than another , women , gay , straight all shades of skin. I love my family for the fact that it is so diverse as it should be . My husband's family is insane and angers me so often with their racist ways which is probably why we have never become close, we call them on it , we have sheltered our children from that hate by laying ground rules .
I wanted my children to go to a public school because of the diversity , which our school embraces they even have an anti-racsim group that goes through training through the board of education, I love to see that , sadly it is still needed , but you know I do believe someday soon if not our generation {since we obviously need to weed out some of them still}the next will make all right , Obama elected gave me such hope of equality for all .
And it was WTF , you bet ya.

Chris said...

On another note I should tell you that my neighbour will not paint anything I don't think , her husband likes it all and says no , which is why there is a point at which all husbands need to be left out of these decisions. Its just natural.