Monday, February 23, 2009

Shinny Reveal

Okay everyone, here it is. The new "shinny" laundry room. Please pardon the laundry in process in the after photos, we haven't done laundry in a week and a half and it needed to get done last night when I remembered to take the pictures. We still need to hand the drying bar from the cupboard to the wall, and the box that K and my dad built still needs one coat of paint, but the rest of the space is done.

Before, the tops of the machines were a catchall for anything and everything that didn't fit into the cupboard. Socks and dust would find their way behind the machines which was bothersome not to mention made sorting and folding a nightmare.
After the counter top is a very useful space to sort and fold laundry. I now have a surface to spot check all articles for stains, loose change and tissue. The box that we will be finishing this weekend is about 6-8" deep and sits on top of the counter. It is panelled just like the walls to make it blend in and hide the dryer plug and washer drain, while still making them accessible. Tonight I will take some detail pictures of the trim work and the light fixture. You can see how the chandelier casts a light glow on all the walls. It makes the space feel less "industrial".

Thanks to Chris over at Just Beachy. Her how to install trim on your walls to give the finished look of recessed panels is what got the ball started. We ripped out all of the trim and baseboard in the entire room. New baseboards, door casings and extra trim on the walls makes a huge difference.

The closet was really the pushing force in all of the work done. Before the floor was mess of umbrellas, cleaning supplies and winter accessory storage.

We removed the door and installed more shelves. You can't see it in this picture but the top shelf no longer holds the laundry detergent bottles that I could barely reach. We moved the baskets that hold the hats, scarves and mitts there instead. The baskets used to slide into a hanging "rack" from Ikea. The application just didn't work. Now the bottles sit at a comfortable level. I just need to grab a plastic tray from the dollar store to keep the cups in. The grocery bins and cleaning bucket are also very happy with the new layout. Previously Milo's food storage bin was in the kitchen on the floor, but it really didn't belong. Now it lives in the laundry room with the litter bin.

Last night while watching the Oscars I was able to complete 5.5 loads of laundry. I brought everything from upstairs down and piled it all on the counter. I then sorted darks, lights, delicates, pants, color cottons. I used a bit of Spray and Wash where is was needed, removed change from pockets and socks who were holier than the Pope found their way to the garbage.
It was the best time I have ever had in that little room. The sparkling light danced above me on the walls from the chandelier, I was able to easily access everything I needed from the closet and Milo lay on the rug at my feet purring. I know some may think I was crazy to spend so much time and effort on the laundry room, but I really believe if you enjoy the space and the tasks are organized and easy to complete, not only will you be more productive, you will also enjoy the task at hand.
I have to say this reno project left us with few bumps and bruises. When we were installing the chandelier, I was on top of the washer while K was on a ladder. I was getting down to grab him a tool and missed the step ladder, I bagged my elbow on the ladder that he was standing on, I almost knocked him off the ladder too. A few moments latter I turned to leave the room and get a light bulb. I was so excited I slipped on the wood stairs and hit my knee cap on the corner of the wood. I feel to the ground in tears. That's the first home reno injury that left me in tears. Usually I'm good with pain, but not this time. That was last Saturday and my knee is still bruised. K and dad were working on the box in the garage last weekend. K turned to get something and tripped on the saw cord. He went flying into the garage wall and somehow split the top of his index finger. There was a surprising amount of blood.
Speaking of K, a big thank you and kiss to my wonderful husband is necessary. The past 5 weeks the contents of the entire laundry room and all of the reno supplies have been scattered around the dinning / living room, the main hall and even on the kitchen table. He has been so patient with me and my demands to have a chandelier in the laundry room. Even when I was on my knees scrubbing paint drips from the tile K was right there with me smiling and helping as much as he could. I know my design ideas an desire to change can be a bit hard to keep up with at times. Sometimes my love of design prevents me from making a final decision and stuff gets put on hold till I can make up my mind. K you are great and patient with me. I try to keep your desires in mind when design space in our home. It's yours just as much as mine and I love that you take such pride in it. Thanks again, Love Lisa.


Chris said...

Well done Lisa and K , I love it , I am so jealous , you have the little sister room to my dining room , it looks like it belongs here at my house .
You both did a great job, laundry will be a whole new past time .
I feel your pain , I fell off the ladder while ridding the garage of mice and installing shelves ,I was convinced I had broken my ankle , thankfully not , but it still hurts , as well and of course I fell on my sore wrist , but it is really improved.
Rest up your booboo's while dreaming up your next project I am sure.

Wanderluster said...

The new laundry room looks fantastic – well done! I love the panelling and the chandelier. The little touches do make a huge difference, don’t they. All the extra shelving and counterspace must feel great…counter space is one thing I’m really missing in my laundryroom :o\ Now you’ve got your first renovation scars but the trade-off of a functional beautiful room is probably well worth it :)

Kristin said...

I can only wish that someday I will have a laundry room half as clean and pretty as yours. Very nice is doing the laundry still a dreaded task?