Tuesday, March 31, 2009

..And the Lord said "Let there be light"

Here it is folks, the newest Before and After shots at our house.....We got pot lights! We never realized that we lived in a cave until these puppies were up and running. The installers came yesterday and in the matter of 4-5 hours the entire main floor was done!
You also never realize that the lights you have are yellow. K says we will post these bad boys up on Kijiji to see if we can sell them. I call them the "boob" light, well they do look like one. You can actually see the real colour of the floor tiles and the wedding photos we have up on the wall are now highlighted. We just have to turn the light to face the wall a bit more so that the light is straight down.
There is also light around the island and sink now! Yipee, no more cooking and washing dishes in your own shadow. K loves how his pretty stove glitters in the new light. Again we will have to direct some of the lights towards the counters and the work surfaces, but at least now we can see what we are doing in here.
The lights in the family make a huge difference, and they are on a dimmer. Great for TV watching and casting an overall mood in the space. We will still keep the lamps in the room for accent lighting.

The difference in the before and after here are hard to see because there was so much flash needed in the before shot. There was no light in here before, we used to have to turn on the hallway light when we were in this room. Not anymore, these puppies are on a dimmer too. They are so bright they will definitely take some getting used to.

Finally the dining room. There were no pot lights needed here because the chandelier was there, but there was still a new addition to the room. Yes folks we have a dining room table! How awesome. We still need two benches for the opposite sides. I'm still looking for those. At least we can accommodate more people in here now.


Freckles Chick said...

I freaking love the new lights!!They're like twinkling stars! Amazing how lighting makes such a difference.

And hello, LOVE the linear crystal chandelier in your DR! Is that from Z Gallerie? *swoon*

Simone said...

Huge difference. The lights looks awesome. Love the Chandelier is it from De Boers

Katie said...

Nice job ya'll! Looking really good - it even looks like your paint color is different with all that light!

SweDaisy said...

Thanks everyone, the chandelier is from LIving Lighting in Canada. I will post more about it tomorrow :)

Chris said...

what a big difference, great !