Thursday, March 26, 2009

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest...

The guest bedroom has been a sight for soar eyes since we moved in. K's old bedroom furniture was dropped in the room on moving day along with an old tv, some curtain rods under the bed and my wedding dress in a box, not to mention the permanent home for the ironing board and K's dress shirts all over the bed - yuck! I've always wanted the guest room to feel more like a bedroom and less like an oversized storage closet with a bed.

Over the weekend K and I were at my favorite store [HomeSense]. We found 6 beautiful teak chairs for the backyard [more on this later]. We also stumbled across two teal pillows. At $35 for the pair we couldn't pass them up. I got to thinking how nice they would look on a white bed, so we grabbed them along with the throw and the brown accent pillow.

Last night I decided to tackle the room. We normally leave this kind of stuff for the weekend, but since the work involved no paint, trim, or tile work, I thought the labour wouldn't be so bad. I emptied the room of everything but the furniture and got K to help me move everything to opposite walls. I ironed the bed skirt and fluffed the pillows. It made me so happy to see the room look like a bed room at last. I couldn't stop. I grabbed some books [that if nothing else matched the colours in the room] a $6 dollar bird, and changed the lamp.

Before the room looked like the poster child for the land of forgotten crap. The ugly blue and pink box spring monster peaked out from under the sad white duvet. The light cast from an old black 80's side lamp shimmered against the plastic bag around my wedding dress box to give the entire room the "slumming it" feeling and not chic slum, like in Slumdog Millionaire either.

Now you can actually see the bed and there is space for two to sleep. The new bed skirt hides the curtain rod storage and the phycadelic box spring. The addition of accents on either side of the bed add interest to the room. I even went as far as to drag the old Ikea lounge chair in from the other room and toss a brown pillow on it. I know the room isn't much to look at still, but the effort was there. I really don't want to do much more with this room since eventually it will be a kids room.


Simone said...

I'm impressed. I have a room like this in my house too. The intent is there is get it together but it has not happened yet.
Don't you just love Homesense.

Chris said...

How about some stripes on the bed wall , Antique White by Behr would make a nice stripe.
Have a great weekend.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am inpressed also....Love the blog and will be back.

Hope you will stop by my blog for a visit.
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