Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hanging My Family and Friends

One of the goals I have set for this year is to frame and hang more photos of our family and friends around our home. I really love the collage look as you can see here. I think it's a great way to turn everyday photos into a work of art. Since the pictures don't match you can always update the collage or add more photos to the mix. I've had this project on my mind since October. I think a house with photos on the walls makes it more lived in and cozy. I always love looking at photos in other peoples homes, it makes you feel connected. Today I did a little photo searching and came up with some pretty images that got my mind going again. If you read my blog frequently you know how quickly my mind gets started and can race. Especially when decorating is involved.
I love how this photo wall has different frames and sizes. It makes simple photos more interesting. You can take prints or crop pictures you have taken on your own. Anyone can be creative, you just need the right inspiration.

(Pottery Barn)
These ones look interesting stacked and leading you up a staircase. I like how in this layout the frames are all touching. With the contrast of the white mattes an the dark wall it accentuates the line of the wainscoting an the railing.

(Pottery Barn)
Different colored frames and the combination of photos and prints make this one fun and light. You could frame some artwork from your little ones and add it to the mix. What a neat way to display them for everyone to see. Plus your little artist will feel wonderful that their work is framed up on the wall. Be creative, frame a postcard or greeting card from a relative. I was given some antique serving spoons from my aunt who is no longer with us recently and I am thinking of framing them and hanging them up in the kitchen. Maybe on the blank accent wall that has been staring at me for months along with some great images.


Last weekend I sat in the dining room with mom and my aunt flipping through design magazines tearing out pages of inspiration. I found it very relaxing. K will be taking a business trip next week and will be gone for 3 days. Maybe this weekend we can collect all the photos we want to use and arrange them together. I think we need to know what images we are framing before we can head out and buy anything. With everything that has been going on around us lately we haven't had much time to ourselves. Juggling friends, family and renos can take up a lot of time. So we said this weekend would be a pyjama wearing, lounge around the house kind of time. It will be a nice weekend of tea, photos and maybe some magazines.

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Steph said...

I totally tore that second Pottery Barn picture out of the catalog when I saw it several months ago. It's a goal of mine to do that on the wall up our stairs. :)