Friday, March 20, 2009

Irish Coast from an Urban Barn

Hey Y'all [oh my did I just say Y'all?]. K and I finally found a dining room table that we both love. We were really ever looking for one, I just stumbled upon this one at Urban Barn yesterday and totally fell in love with it.
Below is an picture we took at the store last night when we bought it along with 4 chairs. The table measures 60" sqaure, large enough for 8 people.

Now we just have to find 2 benches like the last photo. They need to be around the 60" width. I don't care what fabric/leather they are in. I am probably going to end up reupholstering them anyway. Just need to find 2 matching benches with great structure and price. Anyone know where I could find them?

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Chris said...

I am sorry I don't know where you could find those. Crate and barrel has some gorgeous benches though.
Love the table , Urban Barn is great and is Canadian made.