Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Online Window Shopping

I'm not sure what it is, maybe the thrill of spring around the corner, the need to organize and finish decor around my home, or just plain old window shopping, but something has me searching online shops to see what's new and what's on sale. This post is full of items found at Urban Outfitters.
Here's a neat quilt. Would look great in a kids room, or maybe on the back of an outdoor sofa. Can't you just picture spreading it on the grass and lying in the sun to read a book [ SPF protected of course]. Too bad we have frogs in our backyard, I'm not a fan of sharing my blanket with them.
Next up is a lovely little jewelery stand. "Hoo" cute are those little owls?

This little, or not so little bird is preety cute too. For some reason I want to call it a partridge.
Oh and those lovely hooks in the shape of branches, I love these. If only I knew where to use them, maybe in the master bathroom for towels?

I have a cute soap dish at home that I use to keep my wedding ring and chain when I am not wearing them. This ones is pretty cute too.


Lovely Little Nest said...

Oh wow, you are right; I just checked out your blog and we have VERY similar tastes in style! I really love all of the pics you posted, espeically the owl jewelry stand - too cute! :)

SAB said...

I love the little bird dish. Soooo cute!