Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Model Home Decorating

Yesterday K and I popped in some new model homes near us. I love doing this. They always have such great design ideas. I forgot my camera so the pictures aren't the best, but k had his iPhone, so I grabbed a few.

I love this shade of turquoise for a girls room. It's not pink, but it's still feminine. Especially with the neat white plastic flowers from Umbra. They are stuck on the wall with magnets! They were sprinkled all over the walls, giving the space movement. I also love all the pillows on the bed. Pillow are a great way to add color to a room. It is also easy it is to change the feel of a room from season to season. You can just change the slip covers and the whole room looks different.

More pillows and a beautiful textured bed spread

My favorite was the master bedroom. The look is very similar to the look I am trying to achieve in our bedroom. The wallpapered wall behind the bed, the chandelier, the dark wood furniture. I originally chose a brown and turquoise wallpaper that had more brown in it. We painted the walls tan. Unfortunately the room just doesn't sparkle the way this one does. I know its a shame to remove the wallpaper after only 2 years, but some designs are achieved by trial and error.

View from the bed towards the closets and the ensuite. I love the painting across from the bed. In fact I saw a similar one over at The Stamford Wife that I just love.

View from the ensuite into the bedroom. I like that they painted the bathroom the same colour as the bedroom. I think it really make the two spaces feel like one large on.

This master bedroom just might be the jump off point that K and take to finish our room. He really liked the colour. Until he got into the bathroom and the light reflection made the walls look green, he was sold on the blue.

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LuluBird said...

Beautiful! I NEED to know what that fabric is on the pillow in the little girls room! anyone know?