Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bedroom Inspiration

Thanks to Katie over at Bower Power. One look at her warm and relaxing room made me want to go out and get new bedding [or at least jazz up the stuff we have]. Along with the model home from this weekend I have been inspired! I put together this quick trio of images to help K, and you, see my vision. We already have a great bed, but I'm not loving the wall color or the wallpaper [here's where K rolls his eyes, I'm always changing my mind]. Originally I wanted glass lamps for either side, but after seeing these brown gourd shaped one's I changed my mind [ K is choking on my words here]. The picture came from Decor pad, does anyone know where I can get these lamps? Maybe in Ontario? Now I just have to get our dressers painted and some glass knobs and our room will be on it's way to finished.


Simone said...

Hi Lisa,

I like the bedroom inspiration. I live in Ontario ( Brampton to be exact) and I've seen a similiar lamp at Pier 1. And they are actually on sale now. You may want to check them out. The lamp shade is a little different but you can always change them out.

Keep up the good work on the blog.

SweDaisy said...

Thanks Simone, I will check Pier 1. Do you have a blog too?


Anonymous said...

Not yet but I'm working on creating one. Like you I'm obsessed with all things decorating :)
I found your blog through "Freckles Chick"