Friday, May 29, 2009

"Delightful" Finds

Thanks to SAB over at My So Called (Random) Life for her link to Delight. This cute store had some interesting items that caught my eye.
(Chris this reminded me of your cute puppies)

An even better idea for a gift would be to take pictures of your pets and use an iron on transfer to make personalized pillows. I might just have a little photo session with Milo for this one.

This binder has all the necessities to keep all of those take out menus in order.

To make it yourself just look in your local office supply store for the dividers that have pockets. Keep the menu in the pocket and on the front of the pocket write down the items you usually order.

This next one I've seen on TV and I absolutely love
The colours are so vibrant. It can be used as a pitcher, a vase or even just decorative.

Last, but probably my favorite

Driin Mobile Phone Organizer

My cousin has this one and I think it's so useful. The cord can always stay wrapped around, and the plug can stay in all the time. Just plug your phone in and place it on the little "shelf". It also works great for Ipods and MP3 players.


SAB said...

Thanks for the linkage. I love Delight. I bought my reusable grocery bags there a long time ago, and they are still one of my favorite purchases ever!

Jen M said...

I don't understand how, even though you've commented lots of times on my blog, I've never found yours before. Well, I'm glad I've found it now!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to send me kind words on my blog. It means a lot to me.

Oh, and I love that cord organiser!!