Monday, June 1, 2009

How does my garden grow - Part 2

Last weekend K treated me to a Ice Capp from Tim Horton's and a trip to my favorite nursery. No, not that kind of a nursery, a botanical nursery!
It was such a treat to walk row by row and select flowers to go in my garden this year. Little did I know what kind of work was in store for me. The weeds had a head start on us. The week we were in Punta Cana it rained a lot here and with no on to tend to them the weeds grew larger than some of my annuals.

These pictures show the weeds tangled amongst my poor little flowers.

That tall one to the left was the tallest one. K thought it was a plant that we had planted because it started to bloom! Yikes.
After a little more than an hour at the nursery K and I came home and got to work. Well first we re-fuelled with lunch and began our 6 hour work day.
I will be back tomorrow with some more pictures.

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