Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday inspiration for a master suite

Just some images curiosity of DecorPad. I know the master bedroom is painted and there is wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, but it just doesn't feel like a calm restful sanctuary. I've noticed that lately I've been drawn to this colour scheme of pale blue, cream and brown.

Our bed looks more like the one above, dark headboard and footboard.

I'm not thinking of changing the bed, but the side dresser is really making me think about getting the two dressers we got re stained and just cleaned up. I love the turquoise lamps too. I just can't seem to find any like it for a reasonable price.

Now this one got me thinking, what if we replaced the leather on the headboard with a warm oatmeal linen/woven? It would really lighten up the bed. Not to mention the dust that seems to accumulate on the leather would not be as noticeable. A quick vacuum would do the trick.

I love the wall panels in this one. Yes it's a lot of work, but I really think it would be great in a pale blue, with crown molding and cork floors [more on the cork floors later]

Good ol' Sarah Richardson. Such an inspiration. Even though our styles seem so different I always love what she does. I just noticed the picture above that inspired the headboard cover is the same room. Hey, that just goes to show, good design is good design.

This one is a little to traditional for me. However, I saw a similar secretary desk on Kijiji without the upper cabinet for $75! I think it would be perfect in the corner of the bedroom for my laptop and the drawers would be great for my scarves, purses, and accessories that are lost among the closet floor right now.

Don't worry K, I know the master bedroom is not an area of focus right now. I'm just bouncing ideas of the blog world.

Like K said yesterday, "Let's finish the almost done stuff on our list before we start anything new." The master bedroom will hopefully get done next spring when we install closet organizers. Oh and maybe 2 more pocket doors, wink wink.


SAB said...

I really love dressers on the side of the bed. I really think something like that would help my storage situation. Keep us posted on what you end up doing...even if it doesn't happen for awhile!

Anonymous said...

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