Friday, June 12, 2009

Things you may not know about me

Chris over at Just Beachy posted about things you may not know about her. Which has encouraged this post today...

I would be more fashionable with the right body and wallet

Coach is my favorite!

I never seem to feel fulfilled in any job I have ever had.

I pick Pepsi over Coke ~ Absolutely!

I avoid malls I don’t like crowds, in fact I hate grocery stores too!

I avoid close fitting clothes, not the right “body type”

I love to bake, so relaxing and gratifying when a loved one bites into something I have made and says “Yummy”

I am NOT a basement person! Unless it’s a finished basement

I love taco bell FRIES SUPREME (doesn’t help the weight issue)

I keep all my magazines – I just started cataloguing only the pages I love. So hard to let them go.

I love being married and owning my own home

If I had the money I would buy an older home in the right part of town and reno it to the nines! ~ but I would hate to leave my house, I love it too much

I watch the HILLS and GOSSIP GIRL

I love PINK {the singer} [going to the concert in September]

Using a midwife and cloth diapers are both things I want to try

I want to own a cottage

Blogging was a great decision – I met such wonderful people

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Jen M said...

It was fun to get to know you a bit better. We have a lot in common!