Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Come out, come out, soon!

Okay little one, sweet Blueberry, enough now. We know you are cozy, and your mama takes such good care of you, but your killing us with suspense. I promise if you come out today your mama and papa will take care of you just the same.

So you didn't want to come last Wednesday like I predicted, you didn't want to be a Cancer sign. Well you are now well past the date to be a Leo, so come out already.

What's that, you'll come when your good and ready? What about the rest of us who have been good and ready for a week now? I know your mom was due on Saturday and technically your only a few days late. I know that you could be up to 2 weeks late and it would be fine, we would just really like to meet you.

The past few days have seemed longer than Jennie's entire pregnancy. I guess because we are all just sitting near our phones waiting for the call.

A guy at work suggested making plans or buying tickets to something and sure enough the baby would come on that day. Well does drinks after work for a co worker that is leaving count? Today is her last day and we are supposed to be going out for drinks later, I would gladly miss that if it meant that Blueberry would come. Oh shoot - does vocalizing not minding mean that it wouldn't be an inconvenient time, so that means baby won't come today? Oh darn, sorry Jennie - I tried.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Little one you are so sweet!
Bluberry is so lucky to have so many people around him/her that love so much!